Covert Look into a Silent War…

Let’s start the conversation, why can’t we get along at work? When I say we I mean women.

I don’t understand.

Some workplaces are male dominated. That is not bad. I have had plenty of male mentors who’ve helped me be successful. And not all male dominated workplaces are archaic and unenlightened.

But, I have worked in some that are.

In these environments why can’t women band together?

In this type of workplace most of the time women are outsiders working in a culturally set and continuously molded environment ran by Mad Men like socially accepted standards.

Would a female friendly culture support dirty jokes, or ball and chain jokes, support the stereotypical women should look always look a “certain way?” propaganda.

Example: A woman, let’s call her Jane, was 4 months pregnant and hadn’t announced that she was expecting. Her boss had a conversation with another one of her colleagues asking why had, “Jane let herself go?”

Example: A woman, let’s call her Susan, was on a work trip. Stuck in a booth for hours with her male colleagues, one of them decided to make jokes about women and their periods. Susan spoke to a colleague at work and the colleague asked if she told her boss, the answer, “boys will be boys.”

How did we allow women to grow up in a society where this foolery was taught as ok?

Not to mention, at times we get paid less.

So when women are in positions of influence why don’t we band together?

When frustration occurs and lack of communication ensues, why do we defer to tearing our female coworkers down with passive aggressive comments and rip apart their work like a predator feasting on its hugest kill? Just to show the male boss how much better I am than my other female co worker?

Ladies, work is a battlefield and we don’t always help a sista out.

That is THE conversation I want to start. Why can’t women at work be supportive of each other all the time? Why isn’t this our culture?

What is the point of raging war with one another in a climate that is sometimes unfair and the deck is stacked against us?

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One thought on “Covert Look into a Silent War…”

  1. it starts at the beginning, hearing the grandparens say ‘Oh, but he’s the only boy,’ or ‘he’s the [you put the word there].’
    that’s where it starts. by making girls see that boys are special and girls aren’t. it’s ingrained by the lifetime of it. ‘He’s the boy, he’s going to [this, that, the other].’
    when that changes, so will the workplace, the level of tolerated bullying will go down, and people can truly see themselves as equal.
    yes, I dream.

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